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Created in October 2017, Illini Solar Leasing invests in solar leasing project in order to fully utilize energy efficiency and tax benefits.

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Established Systems

Riggs Brewery

Excerpt from Rigg's Website

In 2017, having only been open for one year, we decided to take the bold step of offsetting 90-100% of our electrical demand with solar power. Due to the large amount of brewing equipment that we were still depreciating, we were unable to use the tax advantages that make the purchase of a solar array financially competitive. That is why we worked with Illini Solar Leasing to install our 75.9 kW solar panel array. We are leasing the system for seven years, at which point, we will be able to purchase the system. This was the first project that Illini Solar Leasing had done, which required us to do a considerable amount of work in drafting a “solar leasing” contract that was fair to both parties. We are optimistic that Illini Solar Leasing will be able to use our arrangement as a template to more easily execute additional solar deals in the near future.

The bulk of the system is just to the north of our parking lot, with additional panels on two “solar shade” structures in our beer garden. It is our hope that the 250 foot wide array that is directly alongside Illinois Route 130 will act as a billboard for solar projects throughout the state. Construction was completed in late December, 2017.

Solar Panels on top of the Cohen Building at 136 W. Main Street

Cohen Building

Installed in November of 2017, our 18.3 kW system contributes to the building's electrical demand. Because Illini Solar Leasing is headquartered in this building, we made it a top priority to install systems here.